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Are pops, bangs and crackles really what you want in a 'good' sounding car?

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There was a time in the past where cars would sound how they should be, people would not deliberately make their cars shoot flames or go pop every time they change gear. However, as of now, people seemed to think that 'ooh pops from exhausts are good, so are the bangs and the crackles' so car manufacturers would soon make cars do the same. They would snort at upshifts and fart at downshifts. So what has exactly went wrong?

The Jaguar F-Type is sort of the culprit for all these. Ever since the car was launched in 2013, the car world praised Jaguar no end as all they hear when they drive the car are practically two huge fat men wrestling in the exhausts.

So from then on, car manufacturers have gotten the note from the press, and the note would say 'people love the pops in the Jaguar, so let's make every single one of our cars do the same'. And the impact was very dramatic, because many cars that came after the Jag, they all farted like the F-Type.

Credit: https://www.astonmartin.com/en/cars/the-vantage-range/gt12

Now, it would be fine if cars like this gorgeous Aston Martin Vantage GT12 growled and coughed every time you lift off the throttle, because that would go well with the triumphant engine sound and the magnificent induction noise.

The exhaust trickery that the engineers at Gaydon deliberately do actually made the whole experience better, because it just sets off the car into another level, a better level.

But it's cars like this Ford Focus RS that pissed me off no-end. The engine isn't that big, the exhaust note isn't that dramatic, to be honest it's actually rather dull sounding. And the fact that Ford engineers thought that making the RS splutter and go bang every time you change gear or lift the throttle makes me go wild. What's wrong with a perfectly good sounding small engine? Do you really have to make it go bang to think that you've done a great job at doing this?

In my opinion, the exhaust trickery that the engineers deliberately put in there actually worsens the experience. It's just bad don't you think?

Here's a perfect example of how a car with a small engine and not that much cylinders should sound like. This is the S2000 that revs to 9000rpm, admittedly there isn't a turbocharger bolted to it, but this is what a four-banger should sound like, and not sound like a pile of programmed mess.

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