Are the Foggy Petronas road bikes worth £70k?

Ten examples of the fabled 90s racer have come up for sale with Lanzante

1y ago

It may never have reached its full potential in World Superbike racing, but those of us in our thirties hold the Petronas FP-1 in a special place in our hearts.

We've written about the saga of the road bikes in the past, and now classic car restorers Lanzante have taken ten of the mothballed road bikes and put the hard work in to get them road legal and running nicely. The guys at 44Teeth were lucky enough to ride two of the road bikes, priced at £70,000.

Even though a modern 600cc bike would wipe the floor with the older tech in the Petronas road bike, the rarity and collectability will surely see all ten sold in no time.

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Comments (2)

  • This Kawasaki H2R was ridden by six-time WSBK Champion Jonathan Rea on a parade lap of the NW200 in 2018 and signed by him. Never used before or after that day. I don't have the 40k asking price but for me it would be a better buy than the FP1

      1 year ago
  • No bike is worth 70k. Not this, nor the ducati superleggera, not the aston martin bike. They are amazing and i’m glad they exist, but they are just luxury gadgets that aren’t actually worth their price

      11 months ago