Are these cars modified tastefully? (2.0)

I'm going to show you a bunch of modded cars and I want you to say wheter they're tastefully modified or not.

1y ago

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Comments (10)

  • They all look quite stupid

      1 year ago
  • The only one that does look good is the Mitsubishi Starion

      1 year ago
  • Would take me too much time to say everything wrong with them

    So here's it in categories:


    Body kit


      1 year ago
  • it all depends on time period, for example a lot of these couldve looked like a Da Vinci piece in the early 2000s but today people dont like them as much

      1 year ago
  • None of these are exactly tasteful so I judged by whether I wanted to rip my eyes out or not after seeing them

      1 year ago