Are these the 5 coolest starter buttons of all time? (Part 2)

1w ago


Its been killing me. The thought of not having included these cars in my previous list of coolest starter buttons. I’ve had sleepless nights yet still falling off the bed, imagining every other switch (lights and fans included) to either having a toggle functionality, pulsating red lights lighting up or a red flip cover above it. But now, after putting this out, I can finally sleep like a baby. 

Won’t beat around the bush anymore. Will cut straight to the chase. Here is the backside to my list of coolest starter buttons of all time -  

McLaren Mercedes Benz SLR

Not even a handful but there are only a pinchful (that rare!) amount of cars that can think of surfacing on the cool-quotient radar of Lamborghini’s red flip switch starter button. But there’s this car which probably was the first to hoist its flag up that mountain and introduce flip-cover starter buttons to the world. And pulsating red lights!!

McLaren Senna

More than the button, it is the positioning of that button that got the Mclaren Senna inducted to this list. Who wouldn’t like a small set of controls to be positioned on the roof? More so, the starter button! Gives you the pilot feels whenever you sit inside and reach that. Nothing fancy or flashy yet special enough.

Apollo Intensa Emozione

This outrageous looking supercar treads on the McLaren's lines of the aeroplane-cockpit resembling button panel on the roof. Except here, it does justice to that other-worldly exterior by not having a simple button. Instead, you have a lever finished in anodised Ergal (a sort of aluminium alloy) here and Apollo has even decided to name it - ‘Inizio’ which means begin in Italian. Pulling it down for a couple of seconds gets the naturally aspirated V12 to fire up, literally! 

Pagani Zonda F

No toggle switches or flip covers or series of buttons. Just a big, red, classic red button on an elegant looking steel-finished gear lever. Who said simple things weren’t attractive or cool?!

Koenigsegg CCX

What’s better than pressing just one button? A couple of buttons! And what trumps a couple of buttons? A series of buttons in a specific order. So, the start: press the buttons positioned at 5 and 6 o clock together to get the electronics on and then press the 6 and 7 o clock positioned buttons together to start up the engine. I would just find reasons to start up the car. Want to see how much fuel I have, start! Want to see how the wipers work, start!

Special Mention: Morgan three-wheeler

Sometimes, old school just does the trick. Morgan seems to know that for a fact and no matter if the world is going gaga over battery and electric cars, they seem to be least bothered. And I like that! Also, their starter button as well. A simple flick button switch, positioned bang in the center of everything. How simple yet effectively cool is that!