Are these the most remarkable limited-edition cars of 2019?

Two Conditions: production should be less than 100, and it should look uber-cool!

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Since the creation of the assembly line, unique cars are hard to come by. While most of the carmakers try to cater to the masses, some companies like to pause for a while and celebrate.

Naturally, these companies are the ones having a heritage - either a racing lineage or in achieving something unique. These are the companies who used to build cars not because they wanted to beat other firms in sales numbers but because they wanted to create something desirable. Something unique to them, something that beats the benchmark and then becomes a benchmark itself.

2019 saw quite a few celebrations from such companies and boy, have we benefitted from their commemorations. Without further ado, let me introduce you to these passionately (or commercially in some cases) crafted machines:

Porsche 935 Carbon Fibre

Restricted to 77 units.

Not many things can beat a completely blacked-out exterior. And naked carbon fibre is undoubtedly one of them. More so, if the entire body comprises of just that. Porsche introduced this 935-special to pay homage to the 1979 Le Mans-winning racecar. Based on a modern 911 GT2 RS, this track-only model gets all its aluminium or steel body panels replaced by bare carbon fibre. While this helped the car to procure a lightweight weight figure of just 1.4 tonnes, the price was inversely affected, resulting in the tag figure to read $817,000. However, on the bright side, you still get the donor car’s 3.8L twin-turbocharged flat-six putting out 700 horses, made even better with that legendary silhouette plus some naked carbon livery.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 63

Restricted to, yes, obviously, 63 units.

If one’s talking about building cars with passion, Lamborghini’s name has to be on the lips. And naturally, the flamboyant Italian carmaker had to enter this list as well. Touted as the V12-powered Aventador’s last hurrah, Lamborghini introduced this limited-edition SVJ 63 this year. Although that number signified its production output, it also commemorated the year when Lamborghini as a company opened its doors. Apart from the significant visual additions which further aid the downforce, the Italian carmaker managed to boost its last naturally aspirated V12 model to its full monte - bumping the power figure to 770hp and 720Nm of torque, its highest ever. Now, that’s how you celebrate!

Aston Martin Vantage Heritage Racing Edition

Restricted to 60 units.

If the Vantage wasn’t an excellent looking sportscar already, these yesteryear-inspired liveries take it to another league altogether. Developed to celebrate its 60th anniversary since its legendary 1-2 win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Aston Martin’s Q division has come up with 6 unique Vantages, each paying homage to an essential race from the brand’s motorsport history.

While these cars retain the same mechanicals, the exterior gets a carbon fibre rear wing along with an extended front splitter to round off the aerodynamic kit. Result? An almost 200-kilo increase in downforce at 190mph. And if more than performance, its lineage that gets your blood pumping, try looking at these distinct liveries comprising the likes of Ulster (AM’s most crucial pre-war race car) and DB3S (the one with the iconic yellow-green paint job).

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Restricted to 50 units.

No two things complement each other as well as James Bond and Aston Martin. Celebrating 50 years of Bond’s sixth flick - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the British carmaker decided to give a modern tribute (read DBS Superleggera) but with a little retro-infusion. Carrying the same Olive Green as seen in the movie’s 1969 DBS, the OHMSS-edition also comes with the iconic horizontal chrome grille, unique badging on the sides and a carbon fibre trim. More modern adaptions of retro touches can be seen on the wheel design along with black leather plus grey Alcantara upholstery. The special touch? A drinks case is available as an option, trimmed to fit the boot on this, because 007-fans like to have their drinks shaken, not stirred.

Ford Transit MS-RT R185 Limited Edition

Restricted to 40 units.

I may have caught you off-guard with this inclusion. But I believe its uniqueness deserves a place in this list. As per Ford van tuner specialist, MS-RT, this R185 edition was built “in response to customer demand for something even more bespoke”. Equipped with a super aggressive body kit, gloss black 18-inch OZ Racing alloy wheels, blacked-out exhausts tips and sporty red accents, this ain’t no puny delivery van. Inside, it gets a carbon-fibre steering wheel (a first, in this list), red-stiched leather upholstery and added technology. In an attempt to live up to the uber-racy exterior livery, the tuners have programmed the van’s integral speakers to put out a sporty exhaust note. All this A-Team-akin snazziness is available at £37,995 (about $49,200) (VAT excluded). Relatively, not a bad deal, eh?

Bugatti Chiron Noire Special Edition

Restricted to 20 units.

Bugatti will be the second company in this list, offering a special edition solely out of massive public interest. Post the unveiling of "La Voiture Noire", or the black car in March earlier this year, Bugatti introduced two special editions for the Chiron - the “Noire Sportive” and the “Chiron Noire Élégance”. While the former introduced a matt finish for its exposed carbon fibre body, the latter clothed the Chiron solely with exposed carbon fibre. The dark theme was splashed throughout the car with components like brake callipers, exhaust, wheels, spoiler, grille, and signature line finished in matt black. The 1500hp 16-cylinder is retained as it is, but the introductory price is bumped up to $3,305,445.

Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak Edition

Restricted to 15 units.

To celebrate the brand’s 2-tonne grand tourer’s climb up the renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Event in record time, Bentley introduced this limited edition earlier this year. The carmaker decided to retain the record-breaking car's bright green livery upon the carbon fibre body kit along with the 22-inch Mulliner Driving Specification wheels. Scrapping a massive 8.4 seconds off the 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S, the previous record holder, this GT car comes with radium infused tyre lettering and contrast stitching along the upholstery. Even though the mechanicals remains the same, the radium-infused Bentley bling will surely turn heads.

McLaren 720S Coupe MSO Apex Collection

Restricted to 15 units.

Celebrating the various European tracks where this British carmaker came out on top in its track-focused podium-obsessed days, McLaren has launched the 720S Coupé MSO Apex Collection. Each of the cars pays tribute to one of the five most successful tracks for McLaren around Europe, and all of them carry the apex speed of the fastest corner at the various Grand Prix circuits on its carbon fibre side sills. But the most exciting part of owning one of these is McLaren challenges each owner to beat the speed, set by a professional racing driver on their track driving event. So, you’re not paying just for the car, you’re paying for a lifetime worth of track fun.

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  • As soon as I saw the thumbnail I was like that's goodwood

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  • Might I add the Vantage AMR 59 (1 of 59)

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  • Why is the Porsche 935 so heavy? It weight is 1380KG! That is an absolute pig for a supposedly track only variant of a super car. For £750k Porsche really ought to take a look at cutting that weight drown to about 1150kg cause quite frankly that is a bit of a disappointment. It is an absolute shame as I really wished to like the car given how beastly it looks but it is a total lard ass.

      1 year ago
    • Just letting you know, but its sister car, the GT2RS MR has the Ring record despite weighing about 90 kilos more and the 935 itself actually won the GT2 Super sports car weekend also with competitive lap times compared to other race cars......

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        1 year ago
    • Bit of a ignorant comment, though weighing a lot, especially considering a lot of the parts are already weight reduced, but the weight is probably intentional from Porsche. Though you’re making out a few added pounds is a problem 😂 she...

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