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Are these the most unusual interiors ever to hit production?

6w ago


Yaa, I know, it is a little unusual, but an unusual start to an unusual article: I would like to start this article by a poll.


Well, I hope the verdict for that poll stays in the potential deal-breaker range. And shouldn’t it be that way? I mean, yes, you need to look good when on the move and hence people buy pretty looking cars but the interior of the car is where the owner resides all the time. Shouldn’t that be a nice place to sit in? With good materials to touch and a fairly nicely laid out dashboard as that’s practically the only place apart from the road where your eyes would wander around a lot.

For certain manufacturers, this mindset didn’t quite catch up. So, here we look at some of the interior designs where the designers were picked up from straight from kindergarten and the person authorising them was probably a teenager with his headphones on during all interior meetings.

2004 Nissan Quest

I know what happened here. The designer must’ve mixed up the design blueprints and accidentally got his child’s side-table drawing to work. But instead of going back home to get the actual sketches, he just kept working on this. Drew some air vents, then some basic shapes and the made buttons out of them. And Voila! Don’t even get me started on the instrument cluster, especially the presentation of warning lights…..

1985 Subaru XT

At my first glance at the steering wheel, I honestly took it as a pistol. One of those days when creativity was given a green flag without even inspecting properly. I miss them. But with these unusual design cues, there were little fragments of cool as well. Like the button on the gear lever or the Tron-styled digital speedometer. But what about the weird button-fest panel of controls dangling about from the steering column. Is it just me or it looks like eye-lashes?

TVR Cerbera

Finally! Someone bested Ferrari. I thought they were the only ones to put absolutely everything on the steering wheel but here we have ourselves a TVR that strongly disagrees. Although this one doesn’t have much on the two-spoke steering wheel except lights, horn and washers, the lower panel of the steering wheel is what catches the attention. The fuel gauge, a clock and an air vent were transfixed on that. Unusual. It just instantly upped my liking towards Ferrari steering wheels.

1998 Fiat Multipla

The only thing on the list where the exterior matches the interior. It’s like the men at Fiat just scribbled everything in an A4 paper which they thought was the size of the entire dashboard. And would you look at those door panels! Plucked out straight from one of those kids’ life-size toy cars.

1985 Cadillac Eldorado

I don't hate or despise it but I just found it to be a bit odd. Apart from the round steering wheel and a small dial on the left, show me any other shape that isn’t a square or rectangle on that dashboard. Although those sofa seats look extremely comfortable .

Special Mention: Tesla

If I’ll be spending my entire time in the cockpit, I would like to see something interesting ahead of me. That undefined something. And that is what Tesla lack. Yes, you have a beautiful, responsive and intuitive giant screen, a small storage space and a couple of cupholders in the centre but apart from that? I feel it's just too minimalistic. After seeing some beautiful design themes in cars like Rolls Royces, Bentleys or even a BMW i3, I feel a mere giant screen can’t replicate the craftsmanship we’ve been so used to seeing.

Have you seen any unusual interiors lately? Let me know in the comments below!