With Mercedes switching focus to Formula E, the future of DTM hands in a balance… A truly global series could be its only possible saviour.

3y ago

The German Touring Car championship or Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, DTM, in short, is arguably the world’s most advanced touring car championship. The series features the three German heavyweights i.e. Audi, BMW and Mercedes all run highly modified versions of their latest offerings. DTM generally sees some of the best drivers on the planet, for example, ex-Formula One drivers such as Timo Glock and former legends such as Mika Hakkinen, Jean Alesi and Ralf Schumacher have been part of the German racing series. Though the series primarily takes place in Germany it also runs rounds in Hungary, Austria, Russia and Holland and has also run races in the U.K., Turkey and China in the past.

The only real negative to the series is the cost of building and running the cars. While the DTM machines may look like your everyday saloon cars kitted out with side skirts and wings, they are far from it. In fact, these cars are silhouettes that have more in common with a Formula 3 car than a touring car. This is all fine when a manufacturer is paying the bills, but what happens when one of them decide to go elsewhere?

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