Are we mad? (i don't think so)

Sharing the love for our cars.

3y ago


Sometimes happens that our passion for cars become something deeper.

I own a Ford Puma. Just a normal car, pretty old and worn out, full of defects, but I love it. I can't even explain this, but I'm sure many of you boys and girls out there, feel the same thing about your car.

Can we really call it love? I think we can. Obviously this isn't the same love we could feel for a person, but a deep and strong passion for our beloved automobile.

No matter if you drive a Yugo or a 918, you'll feel the same joy behind the wheel, as if you were in company of a good friend, enjoying the road together.

How can you not love it?

How can you not love it?

Is this just a big madness? Are we a bunch of fanatics, like the idiots who want to eliminate all the cars on the earth?

I don't think so, because we feel genuine passion about something, and passion is never wrong.

I'd like to know what you think about all this stuff, and if you want, feel free to share your personal love story!

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