- I can't replicate the sound of a Porsche, but it's like Braaaaaaaaaaaaap pffss....come on, use a bit of immagination!

Are we ready to miss the sound?

Is sound a valid motivation to save petrol cars? Yes, surely!

I always talked about cars’ evolution in a blend of technical stuff and worry for the sustainability of the various electric dumb choices.

I always do that to keep faith on my fight to save the car as we know it.

However, this time I want to make a step back from the usual cynicism and bitter irony to bring you to reason in more sentimental way, or at least that’s what I’m trying to do…

So, I want to talk about noise…or better…sound!

Music surrounds us, petrolheads and not, everyone has a sort of keen for it.

Some are for rock, some for classical, some rap, pop, blues, jazz and other billions of sub-categories.

Everyone’s taste is different from the other, even only by little spots, but different.

A unique feature, a way to distinguish, a way to make the “good variety” in personalities.

Now you're all bored and already decided to do housework instead of reading this…

Anyway...are we really sure to get rid of our cars' noise?

Now you're all bored and already decided to do housework instead of reading this…


It’s a bit on the sentimental side this thing, because I reckon that I wouldn’t mentally be able to survive without the grungy grunt of my little petrol Mini, as well as I wouldn’t be sane if it was forbidden to play “Hotel California” from Eagle.

Actually I can’t even imagine both situations without a little tear crossing my face.

I know it sounds a little weird but...

Would you survive without your favourite song? I don’t think so…

(Another tear…sorry)

I mean proper cars, with proper engines!

I know that a rusty, farm-like, diesel powered, Fiat van doesn’t sound as appealing as my previous example, but try and think about the joy of hearing a good engine screaming at high revs!

Imagine a Porsche 911 R with its glorious flat six, the burble of a V8 Mustang, the V10 Lamborghini Huracàn, the V12 Aston Martin Vantage…

Now that you’ve imagined all this, try and replace each of those symphonies with the complete silence of a Tesla…that’s a little weird, isn’t it? And I’m afraid not in a good way...

(more tears are coming)

That’s what “evolution” is doing…murdering the beauty, the soul and the wild aspect of the car…

I can't replicate the sound of a Porsche, but it's like Braaaaaaaaaap pffss....come on, use a bit of immagination!


No, the recorded sound isn’t a solution!! It’s silly and sad.

I’d honestly prefer Bowers & Wilkins, Sonus Faber or others to make me feel like Eagles are in front of me, playing their songs in the car, rather than trying constantly to make me forget that the car I own is actually faking the sound it should have made with a proper engine!

I’m old inside, I know, that’s true.

That said, I’m not worried about changes in general…

I’m worried about cynical marketing strategies that brings to useless changes…and you should be worried of them too.

So please #SaveTheCar and #SaveCarSound

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