Are You A Four-Cylinder Or A V8?

38w ago


Do you lean towards the fuel-efficient 4-cylinder or towards the gas-guzzling V8?

Do you see yourself as more of an introvert or an extrovert?

  • Introvert (quiet, shy, etc.)
  • Extrovert (loud, annoying, etc.)
  • Ambivert (friendly, good listener/talker, etc.)

What is your tone of voice like when you talk to other people?

  • Very Thin
  • Normal
  • Very Thick

What is your body shape like?

  • Skinny/Fit/Slender
  • Athletic/Normal/Middle-of-Road
  • Thick/Buff/Curvy/Muscle

How do you express yourself when someone likes you (back)?

  • Surprised!/Super Excited!!
  • Chill/Super Calm
  • Talk with the person you like; get to know the person better

Do you see yourself as charismatic?

  • Yes!! All kinds of people are attracted to me
  • Not really. Everyone has their own type.
  • No, absolutely not. I'm boring/dull/forever alone

What is your favorite color?

  • Really bright ones (red, yellow, white, etc.)
  • Normal ones (blue, pink, green, etc.)
  • Really dark ones (purple, brown, black, etc.)

Choose your favorite morning drink!

  • Anything high in caffeine (Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Coffee, Tea, etc.)
  • Normal sugary drinks (Sprite, 7Up, Sierra Mist, Milk, Juice, etc.)
  • Water. Just water. Only water. Water forever. Water for life. I need myself zero calories to survive.

Choose your field trip!

  • Beaches!
  • Autobahn!
  • Parties!

What do you normally do during the night?

  • Just work stuff (job duty, school/homework, etc.)
  • Exercising/Gym
  • Partying/Protesting

Do you see yourself as an auto enthusiast?

  • Yes, I know EVERYTHING about cars! Been passionate with the subject since I was a kid!
  • Yeah..I mean..kinda.. Not too detailed.
  • I love cars! Would love to know more about them!

What kind of views do you have on things?

  • Somewhere in the conservative/libertarian area... I MEAN, FAMILY COMES FIRST! AND DON'T TREAD ON ME OR MY TRUCK!
  • Middle of the road/liberally minded. Hot hatches are pretty cool even without the electric motors..and so are trucks
  • Far too progressive man.. I mean I love electrics and saving the environment! I care so much about millions of people!

Which dating app would you choose if you were single?

  • Tinder
  • Badoo
  • Bumble

What is your preference when it comes to the gender you're attracted to?

  • Ethnic type
  • Body type
  • I like all kinds. Doesn't really matter. I mean as long as it's an attractive person, that's all I care about.

Choose your favorite social media platform!

  • Twitter/Tumblr
  • Instagram/Facebook
  • Reddit/4chan/Gab. Because freedom!

How do you dress in the public setting?

  • Casual (T-shirt, jeans/sweats, and tennis shoes)
  • Formal (suit and tie / dress and some fancy shoes)
  • Lazy (tank top with jammies and sandals)

How do you spend time during holidays?

  • Family stuff
  • Social gatherings
  • Stay at home I guess...

Close your mouth and eyes, and take a deep breath. And then make a car noise. What was that noise?!

  • Corvette
  • VTEC
  • Maybe a bit feminine for either?

Choose your kind of pickup/SUV!

  • Full-size (Silverado/Tahoe, F-Series/Expedition, Ram/Durango, Tundra/Sequoia, Titan/Armada, etc.)
  • Mid-size (Colorado/Traverse, Ranger/Explorer, Gladiator/Grand Cherokee, Taco/4R/Highlander, Frontier/Pathfinder, etc.)
  • Compact (Equinox, Escape, Journey, Compass, RAV4, Rogue, etc.)

What color are your eyes?

  • Really bright (blue, green, etc.)
  • Really dark (brown, black, etc.)
  • Not too bright, but not too dark (hazel, amber, etc.)

Final Question: What kind of cat/dog do you like?

  • Fluffy!
  • Cheetah/Greyhound!!
  • Strong enough to pet around!

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Comments (315)

  • 6-cylinder! (Inline, Flat/Boxer, V-Shape)

      8 months ago
    • You've got it right... I'm not the V8 person, but definitely not those inline 4s out there XD Long live the flat-six!

        8 months ago
    • Hey! Thank you for taking this quiz, Josh! I got V8 on the first try and 6-cylinder on the second. I definitely consider myself to be a 90-degree V6 though

        8 months ago
  • V8!!

      8 months ago
  • 6-cylinder! (Inline, Flat/Boxer, V-Shape)

      8 months ago
  • 6-cylinder! (Inline, Flat/Boxer, V-Shape)

      8 months ago
  • V8!!

      8 months ago