Are you a PETROL HEAD? watch this and your life might change!!!?

Tesla Model X P90D reviewed in Ludicrous Mode & Autopilot by Rowena's Supercars going 0-60 in 3.2 seconds!

Click and watch I am the First Kid in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to review the all new Tesla Model X P90D, the fastest SUV in the WORLD!

The worlds youngest car show presenter at just an 9 year old with a DREAM to bring you the best Supercars in the world.

Watch me in this my 16th film for Rowena's Supercars; in this film, you'll see the amazing Tesla Model X P90D reviewed in Ludicrous Mode; where I'll be giving you some of the specs and also a insight into this latest addition to the Tesla Gang. A BIG THANK YOU to the Tesla Mashpee, Cape Cod, USA. I hope you'll all enjoy watching the new Model X as much as I enjoyed filming it.

In this channel you will find in an insight into the world of Supercars through the eyes of a 9 year old girl. The educational videos of automobiles from all over the world, presented by Rowena's interesting and fun fashion. Basically, she gives the viewer the chance to view a car without going to an actual dealer yourself!
Rowena also has a Website, Blog, Twitter and a Facebook group. Follow her now because one day....... she will be a 'Professional T.V Car Show Presenter'.

Thanks to Mad for Cars for letting Rowena be on here. More about Rowena can be found at Supercar Kids Rule Tribe.

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