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Who won the 1950 F1 championship?

  • Giuseppe Farina
  • Juan Manuel Fangio

Which team scored it's first F1 win in 1951?

  • Ferrari
  • Maserati

Which driver clinched his first F1 world title in 1952?

  • Juan Manuel Fangio
  • Alberto Ascari

Which grand prix holds the record for most entrants?

  • 1953 Italian grand prix
  • 1953 German grand prix

Which of these teams participated for the first time in F1 in 1954?

  • Brabham
  • Lancia

Alberto Ascari died on the same day as his__ in 1955 during a test session.

  • Father (who died behind the wheel on 26 July)
  • Brother

Fanigo faces steering issue on the last champion deciding race in 1956, which driver gives Fangio his car for triumph?

  • Peter Collins
  • Luigi Musso

Which driver won for the last time in 1957?

  • Juan Manuel Fangio
  • Stirling Moss

Who became the first woman to race in F1?

  • Maria Teresa de Filippes
  • Divina Galica

Why did Jack Brabham push his car across the finish line in the 1959 US Grand Prix?

  • Because his car's wheel got detached
  • Because his car ran out of fuel

Alan Stacey crashed and died in his Lotus in 1960 Belgian GP because a bird hit his face. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

Which team won it's first F1 manufactures title in 1961 season?

  • Ferrari
  • Mercedes

Brabham entered as team in 1962 F1 season. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

Which driver won it's first F1 championship in 1963?

  • James Hunt
  • Jim Clark

1964 was the last time Ferrari cars wore colours other than Rosso Corsa. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

1965 Italian Grand Prix holds the record for most____for lead.

  • Overtakes
  • Pit stops

1966 Monaco GP holds the record for ____ finishers.

  • Highest
  • Fewest

Lorenzo Bandini was not airlifted after a crash as the helicopter's downdraught reignited the fire.Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

1968 marked the death of___.

  • Stirling Moss
  • Jim Clark

Jackie Stewart was leading by 2 ____ in 1969 Spanish GP, which is a record for winning a race by longest lead till date.

  • Minutes
  • Laps

Who is the only driver who was awarded F1 Title posthumously?

  • Jochen Rindt
  • Lorenzo Bandini

1971 Italian GP holds the record for shortest ____ margin.

  • Winning
  • Loosing

Which team claimed it's last Victory in the year 1972?

  • BRM
  • Brabham

The 1973 season included a safety car intervention for the first time. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

Which team won it's first constructors title in 1974?

  • McLaren
  • Alfa Romeo

Nikki Lauda won his second F1 championship in 1975. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

The year 1976 is known for ____ magnificent comeback after his horrific crash.

  • Niki Lauda's
  • James Hunt's

Which year made podium celebration mandatory?

  • 1978
  • 1977

1978 is recorded as the coldest Formula 1 race ever. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

To celebrate Williams first Formula 1 victory Clay Regazzoni drank _____ instead of champagne.

  • Milk
  • Orange juice

In 1980 F1 season Williams won

  • None of the titles
  • Both the titles

Which year saw the first carbon fibre chassis win a race?

  • 1981
  • 1971

1982 crowned Keke Rosberg the world champion despite winning only _ race?

  • 1
  • 2

Nelson Piquet was the first to win a world title in a turbocharged car. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

Niki Lauda won the 1984 F1 title by the _____ margin of 0.5 points.

  • Shortest
  • largest

Box!Box!Box! time for pit stop. You've covered a lot of laps, sit back,relax and have a sip from your onboard bottle.

  • Yupp, I'll go take some rest and then continue
  • I've lost my 1st position, off I go!!

Ayrton Senna scored his first victory at 1985 _____ GP.

  • Brazilian
  • Portuguese

After becoming 2 time world champion in 1986 Alain Prost was called?

  • The Doctor
  • The professor

The 1987 Australian Grand Prix was restarted___, and was won by Mansell who hit his head on a steel girder after race.

  • Twice
  • Thrice

Who won his first F1 title in 1988 season?

  • Ayrton Senna
  • Alain Prost

Which year banned the use of turbos?

  • 1988
  • 1989

Ayrton Senna won his second World Championship in 1990. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

1991 Australian GP holds the record for _____ GP.

  • Shortest
  • Longest

Not a question, It's a fact: Senna stepped out of his car to turn off crashed car of Eric Comas & saving his life.

  • A true legend
  • One of the greatest race drivers

Alain Prost holds the record for ____ pit stops in F1 history.

  • Most (7 Pit Stops)
  • Least (0 Pit Stops)

Ayrton Senna died at the 1994 ______ GP.

  • San Marino
  • Monaco

Jean Alesi won 1995 Canadian GP and ran out of fuel on the warm down lap, Michael Schumacher came and gave him a lift.

  • Serious
  • Joking

Monaco GP of 1996 recorded the _____ retirement percentage.

  • Lowest
  • Highest

1997 European GP is the only GP where the qualifying lap times of P1,P2 & P3 were___.

  • Same
  • Ofcourse same!

When did McLaren win it's last F1 title?

  • 2000
  • 1998

Eddie Irvine's title dreams were crushed at 1999 Europe GP because at a pit stop, one of his wheels went missing.

  • Serious
  • Joking

Paolo Gislimberti, a fire fighter at Italian GP died because Heinz Frentzen's wheel flew off and hit his head.

  • It is sad that these guys never receive any credits : /
  • We would have lost a lot of drivers if it weren't for these brave rescue operators.

Traction control was declared illegal from the 2001 Formula 1 season. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

Which driver pulled a hat-trick for winning F1 championships in 2002?

  • Mika Hakkinen
  • Miachael Schumacher

Highest average race speed winner is

  • Michael Schumacher
  • David Coulthard

Which team broke the record for winning most consecutive F1 constructors title?

  • Duh! Ferrari!
  • Williams

Narain Karthikeyan became the first Indian to race in a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Seriously serious

Michael Schumacher's last win came at 2006 ______GP.

  • Chinese
  • Belgian

The spygate controversy of 2007 resulted McLaren in paying the highest fine in sporting history. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

Which driver left the pits with fuel hose still attached to his car at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix?

  • Felipe Massa
  • Kimi Raikkonen

The 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix is known as the____ Grand Prix.

  • Wettest
  • Coldest

Why were 2010 Formula 1 cars longer than 2009 Formula 1 cars?

  • Larger fuel tank
  • Bigger engine

Most number of pit stops (88) were recorded at which Grand Prix?

  • 2011 United States Grand Prix
  • 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

Williams were helped with racing equipment at the 2012 Monaco GP by their competitors because....?

  • A massive fire had broke out on the previous race which had burned all the racing equipment of team Williams.
  • F1 community is more than just winning races.

2013 was the last year for __ engines.

  • V8
  • V6

2014 was the first year for Hybrid __ engines.

  • V6
  • V4

Which race driver became the youngest race driver to start a race and score points in 2015?

  • Max Verstappen
  • Sergio Perez

2016 season of Formula 1 holds the record for highest top speed race and maximum number of races with how many GPs?

  • 21
  • 20

2017 Russian Grand Prix holds the record for 0 overtakes. Serious or Joking?

  • Serious
  • Joking

Which team made a record for fastest pit stops in Formula 1 history?

  • Red Bull
  • McLaren

On to the penultimate corner- 2019 Chinese Grand Prix marked ____ Formula 1 Grand Prix.

  • 1000
  • 2000

On the final straight comes the final question- 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix was Ferrari's 1000th race.

  • Seriously serious
  • Serious

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