Are you a real car enthusiast?

2d ago


What is the most important element of a car?

  • Speeeeeeeeed
  • Handling
  • Looks
  • Power
  • Fuel Efficiency

Have you ever modified your car?

  • I tweaked the engine
  • I put on some visual mods
  • Mods are a waste of money
  • I would but i'm broke

Do people come to you when looking for a new car?

  • Yes, and I already know what they should buy
  • Yes, but I don't waste my time with that
  • No, because I don't like talking about cars
  • No, because they CLEARLY know better than me even though cars is all I talk about

Have you ever watched the Grand Tour?

  • I rewatch it constantly
  • I've watched a couple episodes
  • I only watch the new Top Gear
  • Why is there a picture of a goat?

Do you judge other motorists for their cars?

  • Constantly
  • I drive because I enjoy it, and I don't pay attention to others
  • Why should I care what other people are driving?
  • Just for their driving style, not their cars

How would you describe your driving style?

  • Slow and safe
  • Fun filled
  • Aggressive
  • Fast but controlled
  • Dangerous

Can you drive a manual?

  • I only drive manuals
  • I can, but automatic is faster now
  • No but I want to learn
  • No why would I need to know that?

What is your opinion on speed cameras?

  • They improve safety
  • They make sure you are following the law
  • They are annoying
  • They are the work of Satan himself

Are you mechanically inclined?

  • I know my way around an engine
  • I can do simple maintenance things
  • That is what the auto shop is for
  • Why would you have to maintain your engine?

Final Question: Do you like cars?

  • Only some cars (e.g JDM only or Pickup trucks only)
  • I can appreciate all cars (except the Pontiac Aztec)
  • My car gets me from A-B
  • I prefer bicycles

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