D​o you love to watch/hear supercars rev?

  • Y​eah! It gives me an orgie.
  • N​o!
  • K​inda.

D​o you prefer modifying or keeping your car stock?

  • S​tock
  • C​osmetic mods
  • Performance mods with stock look
  • Performance mods with Cosmetic changes

A​re you always showing your car off?

  • Y​es
  • N​o

Love the idea of thrashing a supercar with your daily-driver?

  • N​ow that's a dream 🤤
  • m​eh.

A​re you a silent or a loud type?

  • S​ilent
  • L​oud

D​o you love to pop the hood open?

  • Y​es, all the goodies are right there
  • Y​es but only to check stuff out w/o making any changes
  • N​o, what's under a hood though?

A​ll show or all go?

  • S​hould look fast
  • S​hould be fast
  • S​hould be fast and look fast

W​hat are your colour choices?

  • B​asics (blacks, whites, etc.)
  • N​eons and other bright colours

D​o you like getting attention?

  • Y​es, I wanna stand out
  • N​o, I mma blend in
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