A​re you American muscle or Japanese tuner?

42w ago


D​o you like body kits?

  • Y​ES
  • N​O
  • M​aybe so

T​urbocharger or supercharger?

  • T​urbocharger
  • S​upercharger

D​o you like imported cars?

  • Y​es very much
  • s​ort of
  • N​o

W​hat event would you rather attend?

  • D​rift event
  • O​ff-Road rally event
  • D​rag event
  • I​legal street racing event

R​ight hand drive or left hand drive?

  • R​ight hand drive
  • L​eft hand drive

H​orsepower or torque?

  • H​orsepower
  • T​orque

H​andling or acceleration?

  • H​andling
  • a​ccelration

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