Are you as cool as Steve McQueen ?

Have you ever saved a life of a friend or family member ?

  • yes
  • no but i would

After being a troubled adolescent do you return to the school that took you in and showed you the error of your ways?

  • Definitely i owe them
  • No i`d rather forget those days
  • What would be the point
  • Maybe the students would look up to me

You made your break into Hollywood, do you do your own stunts ?

  • Most definitely
  • No way
  • Hire people to do it
  • There`s not enough money in the world

You star in a Western with the biggest actors in Hollywood, but you want as much screen time as they do..What do you do?

  • Fight for it until you get it
  • It is what it is
  • I`ll be as big as them someday!
  • They are not as good looking as me so that`s a bonus

You are in a action movie, chasing the baddies, the camera is rolling, but you`ve missed the turning to a street, do you

  • leave it in, it looks good
  • Retake i`m not looking like an idiot
  • Its a chase anything goes
  • No one will notice

The film you desperately want to make goes over budget... what do you do ?

  • Use your own money
  • Not worried at all,something will turn up
  • The box office will cover it
  • Cancel the whole thing

You`ve made a great movie with a classic car that you fell in love with ... do you

  • Buy it when the movie`s done
  • Think they should give it to you for free
  • Who wants a classic car, I want a brand new one
  • I don`t need anymore cars

They call you the King of Cool... Why ?

  • I`m good at everything
  • I just don`t care
  • I do it my way or nothing
  • I don`t believe in that phony hero stuff

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