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One of Australia’s favourite hot hatchbacks is by far the Volkswagen Golf. They’re renowned for being a sporty, quality-built car whose looks are still very much on trend.

In the first quarter of 2019 the Golf outsold the Mercedes A Class, BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 combined. However according to recent data, Australian sales of the beloved hatchback were still down overall, so I’ve decided to reignite your passion by setting myself a truly Golf inspired challenge.

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Golf GTI Summary (the non-golf/clubs/ball overview)

Coming straight off the Rex Gorell Volkswagen showroom floor was this beautiful 2019 Golf GTI.

Golf GTI

Golf GTI

This model had the Luxury Package ($3,900) and Sound and Style Package ($2,300) upgrades as well as an Atlantic Blue Metallic Paint ($500) finish. If you're buying a new Golf these upgrades are a must have as alternatively they can feel quite plain, particularly on the inside.

The GTI comes with a 4 cyl 2 litre TSI turbocharged petrol engine and a 7 speed gearbox (so you can drive auto or manual) hitting 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds. All up this model was just under $60,000 drive away, which yes is significant for such a small hatchback but well on par with the Mini, Mercedes and Audi while slightly higher than the BMW.

So far I’ve only driven the Cooper S to compare and while the Golf is gutsy and fun to drive, the Mini still came out on top for me. The Mini is an acquired taste though, with the Golf much more of a crowd pleaser - aesthetically.

The Golf isn't just a putty town car, this model has a feisty engine and the cabin was surprisingly comfortable when it came to highway driving.

I loved the entertainment screen and tech features; my phone easily connected (something not to be said for most new cars) and the reverse camera is MAGIC!

The Golf would make a fantastic city dwellers car, or second family car with plenty of space and power while being super easy to park and maneuver.

Things to note

• To feel like a luxury ride you really need to upgrade the Golf

• The Golf is a crowd pleasure, it doesn’t have loads of personality, but it certainly won’t disappoint

• It has tough competition - up against multiple luxury hatchbacks as well as the cheaper end of town. However you really feel the quality when you drive this and those pesky Hyundais and Holdens simply can’t compete.

Want to take one for a test drive? Head to www.rexgorellvolkswagen.com.au

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Comments (14)

  • Great review. $60k? 😮

      1 year ago
    • Thanks Mark :) Yes I know, it seems like a lot for a hatchback doesn't it!

        1 year ago
    • Yes, it does. I got my one-year-old, as-new M2 for $79k, so the Golf is a bit pricey. I wonder how much the R is?

        1 year ago
  • I could pick out putty and on par. Nice review, Jessica! That blue colour looks stunning and I too am a massive fan of the Golf GTI, more so of the previous models than the MK7 but never mind that xD

      1 year ago
  • The only golfing term I know is buggy.

    And I'm with you on the Sound and Style package - I went for a ride in a Tiguan R-Line with it the other weekend and it was loveliness all round.

      1 year ago
  • Our family has owned various VWs over the years, including the MkIV variant and VR6 GTI. current one the Mk7 Golf Wagon, which I have to say has been in for repairs the most (luckily still under warranty). Golfs just balance function and fun. Great cars. And to contrast, no one likes to ride my not-as-practical Mini Cooper S.

      1 year ago


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