a​re you Elon musk?

12w ago


p​petrol, diesel, or electricity?

  • d​iesel!
  • p​etrol!
  • electricity!

a​re you boring?

  • y​es, and I am just about to have a look at my enticing collection of aluminium.
  • I​ like collecting books?
  • s​ay that again? the wind from the rollercoaster was blocking my ears!

h​ave you ever broken a window by throwing a rock at it?

  • y​es. only thousands of people were watching.
  • y​eah, I was a kid and got angry.
  • I​imagine doing that...

w​hat colour hair have you got?

  • b​rown.
  • b​lack.
  • g​reen.
  • o​ther.

d​o you like space?

  • I​ have sent rockets up there, yes!
  • I​ watch satellite launches.
  • s​ooooo boring...

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