a​re you greta Thunberg

6d ago


w​hat country are you from?

  • s​weden.
  • England.
  • '​murica! quote from Joe boater.
  • o​ther.

d​o you support Elon musk?

  • y​es! the noble man makes electric cars!
  • m​eh, some of his things are good...
  • I​ hate him!

h​ave you ever travelled to somewhere on an SOLAR POWERED boat?

  • y​es, I have. it was to protest on petrol.
  • y​ep. i had a choice, petrol or electric.
  • n​o! that petrol smell makes me high!
  • electric? *proceeds to be sick*

h​ave you got any teachers fired for driving petrol cars?

  • u​mm, of course... its what I do for a living?
  • h​ahahahaha... *cracks knuckles with an evil grin*
  • I​ think about it sometimes...
  • n​o way! goddam anyone who does!

I​ should not be up here! I should be in school, on the other side of the ocean! what is your reply to this?

  • y​es, but you are my noble 17 year old greta Thunberg!
  • I​ agree.
  • f​*ck off! go home!
  • t​hen go you idiot! if you should be on the other side of the ocean, go!

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