Are you John DeLorean?

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What is more important?

  • Dream
  • Reputation
  • Safety

Do you trust yourself?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

Do you like perfection?

  • If things work let them work
  • I am German
  • A 4 day old Pizza is edible

Do you take risks?

  • I drive a Volvo.
  • On rainy days, I take my Maserati 250F at Nurburgring.
  • I bought an insurance for my toothbrush.

Do you get tired of monotony?

  • Bruh, I wear the same pants everyday.
  • I change my house everyday.
  • I have watched Bullit 7896 times.

You recently broke up this evening, would you go for a date tonight?

  • What is a date?
  • Duh! I have to move on!
  • "Bartender, give me the whole bottle"(*Sobbing*)

Lastly, would you like a plastic surgery?

  • I ain't paying an awful lot of money for docs to strap some plastic on my face.
  • My sister can't recognize me anymore.
  • I have to because people call me witch. : /

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