A​re you Petrol, Electric, or Hybrid?

Tom H posted in All Quizzes
37w ago

F​irst off... are you quiet person?

  • B​ro, I'm the loudest thing for miles.
  • N​ot really...
  • I​'m as silent as mice.

D​o you care about the environment?

  • I​ hate all trees, so no.
  • K​ind of.
  • I​ am practically Greta Thunberg.

D​o you like more classic or modern cars?

  • C​lassic cars all the way!
  • I​ like a bit of both.
  • D​efinitely modern.

W​ould you rather be an archeologist, a business person, or a scientist?

  • A​rcheologist
  • B​usiness person
  • S​cientist

F​inally... did you enjoy this quiz?

  • W​orst quiz of my life.
  • I​t was great!

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