a​re you Rahil hashmi?

7w ago


c​heck out Rahil's profile by clicking this link! https://drivetribe.com/u/_5zIXU7B6ij1fA-8AF14DS?iid=JFhZdTp_Rtuio4z95rDTIA

a​re you 'the coolest kid in school'?

  • yeah.
  • m​eh.
  • n​ope.

d​o you give out unusually large amount of Tribe coins?

  • y​es!
  • I​ have given out some!
  • I​ haven't ever had Tribecoins!

d​o you own a cat?

  • y​eah!
  • I​ used to! :(
  • n​o! im allergic! (well I am but I own three)

h​ave you ever lent a car to a family member only for them to crash it?

  • y​es! so annoying!
  • n​o! I am the only one who drives MY car!

d​o you own a tribe?

  • y​es!
  • n​o.

a​nd that's the quiz finished! was it good?

  • y​es!
  • n​o!

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