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Are you ready for another Tomicarama?

And it's a Yokohama Tomicarama

Previously I posted some nice upcoming Car Culture JH3 and the new Team Transport from Hot Wheels and now here are more good news. Takara Tomy is releasing another Tomicarama so if you don't want to pay those high prices on previously released but discontinued Tomicarama now is your chance to get a new one at a much better price. Here is the Tomicarama Vintage 05a Tire Shop. This is slated to be release in March so check your favorite online seller.

Photo borrowed from Amiami

Photo borrowed from Amiami

If you are into dioramas and have no time to build your own, the Tomicarama is the one to get as they are made realistically and includes interior furnitures as well. Of course these are pricey so you do need a larger budget than the Car Culture series. However if you can afford it, I highly recommend it. See a sample of my Tomicarama below.

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