A​re you Rolls Royce or Dodge?

F​irst, where do you take your car?

  • T​o the furniture shop or my office
  • D​rag Racing

H​ow do you clean it?

  • B​y Myself
  • T​o the professional car wash where they clean every bit
  • T​o a family car wash
  • I​t never gets dirty

Y​our'e hungry, what do you do?

  • G​o to a drive thru
  • D​rop off at a fancy bakery
  • S​top and buy a snack

W​here would you like to go on a vacation?

  • E​ngland
  • C​anada
  • G​reece
  • U​.S.A

H​ow do you spend your free time?

  • G​ardening
  • G​o to the gym
  • D​o my daily chores
  • W​atch a movie
  • D​rive around

H​ow do you dress?

  • C​asual
  • F​ancy
  • P​roffesionally
  • S​tylish
  • C​olorful
  • H​igh Fashion

H​ow often do you refill gas?

  • M​y chauffeur does it
  • W​hen it's below half
  • W​hen I feel like it
  • W​hen it's below quarter

W​hat do you think about trucks?

  • S​o dirty and immature
  • A​wesome
  • I​ think their fine
  • T​rucks are not my style

W​hat do you think about Toyota?

  • I​ like them
  • T​heir cheap and ugly cars
  • T​heir fine

P​ick a food

  • P​asta
  • B​urger
  • S​alad
  • P​izza
  • E​scargot
  • F​ancy Steak

D​o you like speeding?

  • N​o, speeding is childish
  • H​ell yeah
  • I​ just stay below the speed limit

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