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Are you the biggest petrolhead in the world?

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Over 35 million questions have been answered by you in the last few months. But the big question is: who are the ultimate quiz takers?

Who is the walking encyclopaedia we all need when our car has a fit and we need a hand?

To answer this question we decided to look at the data.

The Science-y Bit

Obviously only trivia quizzes were taken into account, rather than personality quizzes. Users can take a quiz multiple times, so to avoid cheating we only considered the first quiz submission for every quiz.

Then there was the question of quality over quantity – should we use the total number of correct answers or just the ratio of correct to total answers?

We decided to do both and produce two podiums. To guarantee a minimum amount of breadth we only considered users with at least 500 correct answers under their belt.

Without further ado, the winners are...

1. Eliazer Gonzalez - 91.2%

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2. Rivers Donovan-Grewal - 91.1%

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3. Dylan Smit - 89.5%

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For our "most questions answered correctly" category (for lack of a better name)

1. Ben Tullett - 1648

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2. Justas Barzinskas - 1441

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3. Amg Gt - 1256

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Do you want to find out where you sit on the leaderboard? Leave a comment and I will look it up for you!

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