- Limited spots available for Drivetribe vloggers

Are You The Next DriveTribe Video Star?

We are looking for talented vloggers to go live on DriveTribe

2y ago


You may have noticed that we have been testing out a new feature in DriveTribe, showcased in last Friday's live video chat with Richard Hammond and James May

We are now opening up access to stream live video to selected vloggers who would like to go-live on DriveTribe.

We would love to find vloggers who would like to do a regular live stream in a chat channel with an automotive theme that will be great watching for people on DriveTribe.

If you would like to be considered to stream please send us your pitch by clicking here

What you need: a YouTube account with live streaming.

Good luck with your application!

Richard and James Filming Their Livestream

Richard and James Filming Their Livestream

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Comments (24)

  • I will do it but I think I have the perfect face for radio 😊

      2 years ago
  • 😱 This is exciting! Filling my application right now!

      2 years ago
  • This looks life fun, but I would be absolute crap at this

      2 years ago
  • Jonathan,

    Funniest thing all day was seeing picture two. You guys ran that off two cell phones? It looks like about what I was doing all weekend...

    "gimme your phone so I can check the feed."

      2 years ago
  • For someone to be the next drivetribe video star there should be either a current or previous video star shouldn't there?

      2 years ago