Are You Turbocharged or Naturally-Aspirated?

    2y ago


    Does a lack of power below a certain RPM bother you?

    • A lack of power makes me cry.
    • No way! I want it to come suddenly and scare my passengers!
    • I don't really care as long as there's power...

    Do you like the sound of a good old blow-off or 'dump' valve?

    • I make that bad boy hiss like a snake!
    • Dump valve, you say? I'm in.
    • Surely they're just for children?

    Can there be a replacement for displacement?

    • Displacement is power!
    • I only need 2 litres and 4 cylinders to beat you...
    • Replacement? I don't acknowledge anything under 5 litres...
    • Yes, yes there can.
    • No bloody way...

    Do you care about fuel consumption?

    • I don't care as long as there's power...
    • Fuel consumption - what's that?
    • I want to save every last drop of the sacred stuff!
    • Power always drinks fuel, though.

    Finally, do you know what this is?

    • A curious looking snail?
    • A compressor housing.
    • The casing of a world of laggy disappointment.
    • An intake pipe.

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    Comments (11)

      • 2 years ago
    • I prefer naturally aspirated for a daily driver over the complexity of a turbo.

      If I had to pick a boosted system, it would be a supercharged one. No lag and, depending on the system, there's the subtle whine of a supercharger.

        2 years ago
      • 2 years ago
      • 2 years ago
    • They might cause the exhaust sound to be muffled but other than that turbo's are superb fun.

        2 years ago


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