Ares Design reveal latest project inspired by the beautiful Maserati A6G/2000

They have done it again, whilst raising the bar ever higher

1y ago


Ares Design is an Italian coachbuilder that specialises in remimagining the cars of the past. You may have seen some of their previous work, a homage to the DeTomaso Pantera which was based on a Lamborghini Huracan and a GT4CLusso project which was based on a 1980’s Ferrari 412.

But, this time they have out-done themselves!

Their latest concept is inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful 1950s Maserati A6G/2000 Spyder by Frua and named as ‘Project Wami’.

”when it comes to fruition project wami will be the finest bespoke roadster and a true testament to ares design’s painstaking eye for detail”

Ares Design tuner

Although no cost figures or power train details have been realesed we can make some decent assumptions. Ares Design often bases its projects on high end super cars, so I think it’s fair to say it will be quick. Also, considering that an original A6G/2000 sold at auction for $2.5 million in 2013; I think it‘s fair to assume it‘s not going to come cheap either.

With hand crafted aluminium and carbon fibre the interior is looking to be a modernised take on the 1950s beauty whilst still retaining that classic look.

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Comments (13)

  • how many kidneys does one man need if he can own a beauty like that?!?

      1 year ago
  • Amazing! Classic beauty and modern convenience.

      1 year ago
  • Modern redos of old cars can go badly wrong (David Brown I'm looking at you) but this just works. Stunning.

      1 year ago
    • David Brown? What car are you talking about? Something to do with Aston Martin?

        1 year ago
    • David Brown Automotive is a British specialist marque that does limited edition modern remastering of classic cars. It's wrong, and usually ugly.

      Like the Speedback GT.

        1 year ago
  • The only thing I have to say about this is "MOMMY! BUY ME THAT !!!!!!"

      1 year ago
  • I love modern restyled takes on classics although I do think they should leave some alone to preserve original beauty I think classic style can be modern if done right

      1 year ago