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Ares Design to build a Tesla Model S Roadster

Ares Design has revealed a sketch showing how they plan to give the Model S the roadster treatment.

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Italian coach-builders Ares Design have been in the news quite a lot over the past month. First, we saw their plans to bring a modern Ferrari 250 GTO to fruition, based on the 812 Superfast. More recently, we drooled over their Maserati A6G/2000 Spyder, reimagined for the modern age. But it appears that all of this isn’t quite enough for them, as they’ve just announced their ambitions to create a Tesla Model S Roadster.

The words “Tesla” and “Roadster” go together very well. In fact, it was only the other day that Elon Musk made the incredible promise that his upcoming Tesla Roadster will be the fastest car in the world in every tangible way - which you can read about by clicking here. But when you apply the roadster format to Tesla’s 4-door executive saloon, you have something very different on your hands.

While attempts by other companies to create a Model S Roadster have resulted in something resembling a half-aborted fetus, Ares Design’s car will be rather different. For instead of adopting the same 4 doors of the standard Model S, they will be converting it to a more traditional 2-door, 2-seat roadster configuration. Good, I say.

Credit: Tesla

Credit: Tesla

Ares certainly isn’t underestimating the challenge they’re facing, stating that it “will take all its knowledge and creativity into the all-electric cars universe, designing an exciting Roadster version of the Tesla Model S.” From the early sketches we’ve seen - featuring frameless windows, and a stunning double-bubble hump at the rear - it looks like it could be a winner.

Credit: Tesla

Credit: Tesla

But what do you guys think of this idea? Do you think a Model S Roadster could be brilliant, or do you think it’s utterly pointless? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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  • Dany Bahar already showed us a new Lotus Elise and didn't deliver...

      3 years ago
  • Wow annoying a Tesla driver has become easy, drive to the side of them and constantly rev the engine. Would work well in a Lamborghini.

      3 years ago