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Arese's Alfa Romeo museum is an important stage for all petrolheads

In this museum history and beauty are united in the best cars of great italian brand Alfa Romeo. The museum is situated near to Alfa Romeo's factory, where is a showroom indoor and it is possible see and try the last cars of FCA group. The museum is built on four floors: everyone represents a sector where are the cars classified for type and years. There are a beautiful hospitality at the entry.

​This is only the start. After the ticket office, there is one the best cars of all museum: The 164 ProCar.

​This luxury sport car is equipped with a V10 3.5 Formula 1 engine. The power of engine is 612 hp (620 cv) with an acceleration of 9,7 seconds in 400 meters. The interior is similar a "covered F1 car": there is only a seat and the sterring wheel. But this car never challenged because his class championship was abolished and this is only exemplary in the world

​For to complete the entry, Alfa Romeo built in the past also planes parts.

First floor's cars

​On the first floor there are the cars of 1910s to 1960s. They are very different compared to the modern Alfa Romeo cars. ​There are some model that became famous like 6C 2500 "Freccia d'oro", Giulietta and the most iconic car of the brand, Giulia.

A part of second floor

Second floor is composed by cars that made famous the brand even more (1970 to 2000s). Maybe, this is the Alfisti's favourite floor. This floor is divided in two parts: first part is composed by Montereal, Alfasud and Alfetta; in second part there are the models that became famous in all the world, 75, 164, 156 and 8C

​It's very impressive to see together the favourite cars off all petroheads.

Second part of second floor

Third floor is the Alfa Romeo concept cars floor. There are unique cars of all the world and they never be produced, but they used like a base of some projects. A particular model is the Alfa Romeo 40/60 HP Aerodinamica: it is similar a rocket on wheels but it is the first concept car produced by Alfa Romeo and it is considered the first minivan of car history. The performance are not so bad: with the his aerodynamic form can reached 86 m/h (139 km/h). This it is not only the important concept but they are present also Carabo and Nuvola, esthetically very beautiful with particular colours

​This floor has got other two parts. There are the very rare Alfa Romeo ever built. But the last part is very interesting because there are of all sport version concept

Second part of third floor

In this place there are special version cars. They are very rare in all of the world. Every car is particularly beatiful: the Giulia TI Super can be considered the ancestor of the 2016 Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde and the performance was amazing. Another car must considered is the rare Giulia TZ and in this pics there is the opportunity to see its mechanical parts, or called in Alfa Romeo "La meccanica delle emozioni".

​Last floor is composed by the car that toke a part in official competitions. Alfa Romeo won the first and second edition of modern Formula 1 in 1950 and 1951. But, it toke a part also in LeMans and Mille Miglia competition. This floor is built with low lights and sound effects of engines and competitions of the past. The atmosphere is very particular.

​But this is only the first part of last floor. The best competition cars are situated at last of museum. The low lights give a particular atmosphere like a "cars sanctuary". At the entry of this "sanctuary" there is a rare and beautiful Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: this car was produced in 18 models with aestetic different parts.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. This car was produced in 18 models in all the world and the price was very high (over 9.000.000 £). Every model has got different aestetic parts: this model presents four headlights.

​But a very important model of all brand is the famous, fantastic and beautiful Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI: in the museum this car is like a symbolic monument. The 155 V6 TI challenges into DTM Championship and it won in 1993, 1994 and 1996. After the 1996, the 155 was used by private teams for mountain competitions.

Particular of 155 V6 TI

The Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI is equipped with a 2.5 V6 engine, 24 valves and 483 hp (490 cv) max power. The car's body has got a flat floor, accordant to DTM's rules. The transmission is composed by 6 gear shifts, with 4WD sistem. The brake sistem is composed by Brembo brakes and Bosch's ABS. The car reaches max speed of 186 m/h (300 km/h) and with the 4WD system's help it can do an 0-60 m/h (0-100 km/h) in 2,5 seconds.

​At the end of tour, it is possible to see a few minutes of Alfa Romeo's film, into a cinema situated in museum or visit the showroom. This museum is very beautiful, cleaned and and good settled, with a lot of rare cars and it give the possibility to see them.

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