Ariels Upcoming Hyper Car!

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Ariel the same company that made the Atom have said they are making an electric hyper-car which will have 1200HP. This coming right around the same time as Aston Martin announced the Valkyrie and Mercedes announced their Project One. The thing is, with Mercedes and Aston we can believe them as they have done similar things in the past and have so much experience that it seems reasonable for them to be able to do something like this. With Ariel it's a different matter, seeing as most of the world doesn't know them and those who have only know the Atom. And although the Atom is an amazing car, we don't see evidence of their ability to do something this big. Don't misunderstand me, I love Ariel, and really hope they manage this project, it just seems harder for me to believe.

Autocar reports the car, codenamed P40, will be coming in 2020 and will have a 0-100 time of just 3.8 seconds. My car goes from 0-10 in that. It will be four-wheel drive. The company has said they think it will be the fastest accelerating supercar ever made. By the way, so you understand how amazing this 3.8s is, the LaFerrari does the same thing in 4.7s. They say it will have a 0-60 of 2.4s and 0-150 in 7.8 seconds, going on to a top speed of just 160mph. According to Autocar, its electric drivetrain will produce 1180 bhp and 1328 lb-ft of torque. Each wheel will have its own electric engine, similar to the Mercedes AMG Electra or the Rimac Concept One. The P40 is expected to be able to run 15 minutes flat out on a track, and have a 100-120 mile range.

Ariel boss Steve Saunders told Autocar, "We love the Ariels we make now, but we know we have to embrace new technology. If we don’t, in 20 years we’ll be making antiques, and we could even be legislated out of existence." We are expecting more info on the project soon and we don't yet know if it is coming to the US. As mentioned I hope it works but they will definitely have some competition.


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