Arocs for tough jobs

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 6x4 in scale 1/50 made by IMC

As some of you may know, I started peeking into the 1/50th scale model collectibles theme a good 1.5 years ago. The world of 1/50 is a small cosmos of its own, which includes construction vehicles, construction machinery, cranes, trucks, etc.. So I first had to find my way around the wide range of model variations and manufacturers. But with the help of some www-research and support from collector connections, this was no longer an issue after a short time. Compared to the classic model vehicles in 1/18 or 1/43, the 1/50 miniatures are rather in the higher price segment. Nevertheless, one or the other great deal can be found.

So I have also this model, which is made by IMC (IMC is a well-known manufacturer from the Netherlands, which is specialized in the production of high quality miniatures in the scale 1/50) specialized) for a reasonable price.

The 3-axle Mercedes-Benz Arocs 6x4 BigSpace Arocs is used for heavy-duty transports. Immediately you notice the size of the vehicle - the difference to a 1/64 scale model is quite clear. This of course allows for more details.

Also all proportions are absolutely harmonious and give no reason for criticism. In general, a very high level of detail is recognizable, which makes the model look high quality and not at all like a toy. Because of the mentioned detailing and the use of many metal parts the model is quite heavy - this underlines the value of the miniature again.

The paint job and the applied decals are also excellent. Due to the numerous add-on parts such as mirrors, antennas and lights, the miniature comes very close to the original.On this model, both driver's doors can even be opened to reveal the interior of the driver's cab. Nice gimmick: The model comes with a driver figure as an accessory.

What has become a rarity among manufacturers of 1/18th scale models is now a matter of course for 1/50th scale miniatures. Namely steerable wheels! The front wheels of the Arocs, for example, are steerable.

What I like best about the 1/50 scale models is that you can combine a lot of things, which in my view gives the collecting theme a certain dynamic. What I mean by that? For example, I can combine a truck with different trailers. If I then load a construction equipment, for example, which is a highlight in itself, onto the trailer, a new model is created, so to speak. The child in the man comes here fully at his costs.

I hope you like this little excursion into the world of 1/50 models and now enjoy the pictures!!!

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Comments (2)

  • One of the channels that I reckon are good purveyors of scale-model lorries and heavy equipment is CranesEtcTV.

    He's got a consistent upload pace and a good variety of hardware on display for evaluation. Of course, most of these models are totally unobtainable for me, but at one point I found them to be good references for some LEGO designs I used to have.

      1 month ago
    • Cranes etc. is a great channel - his reviews are on-point. And yes-some models are ridiculous expensive. For example cranes for 800 Euros…

        1 month ago