Arrested for "smoking"...

...Audi engines

In some countries, Germany being one of them, the law does not prosecute entities. Companies are the people and their choices, which affect growth and prosperity...or not. Hence, if something goes wrong, it is the people who get prosecuted, as in the case of Wolfgang Hatz, former Audi and VW group engine development chief. The "Dieselgate", which has prompted government actions in 20 countries, could not be "swept under the carpet" in Germany.

Hatz had been the engine development boss for a number of years since 2001 and joined Porsche in 2011. After the scandal broke out in 2015 and for obvious reasons, Porsche suspended Wolfgang, comforting him at the same time, by placing a $15m pillow in his "farewell" 911R.

​Now, investigations on Audi emmissions are underway and Hatz will have to explain how the TSI engines ended up producing in real-world driving (according to the U.S. Environment Protection Agency), 40 times more NOx than the announced emissions.

At the beginning of the year, there were articles in the news, on how the VW bosses responsible for the scandal could be arrested, if they decided to leave the country. Well, there is no such dilemma now, is there?

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