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‌Back in early 1960s when the Iranian market was filled with GM cars like Cadillacs, Chevys, Pontiacs and even the big GMCs. People felt the need for a reasonably priced saloon car cause other available cars on the market were either a bit expensive for the middle class costumers or was very compact & small-size like the Citroen Dyane or Jyan in persian (based on rather popular Citroen 4CV) which was not practical for a rather big-size Iranian family.

Source:http://www.yazdirad.com/home-fa.html - Citroen Dyane

So in the mid 60s an Iranian businessman traveled to England and brought a Hillman Hunter or as that times was known as "Rootes Arrow", with him to Tehran. Soon a factory was build for it in 1967 and Hillman exported CKDs for assembly in Iran Khodro Company. By the mid-1970s, full-scale manufacturing of the car (minus the engine) had started in Iran. The production line lasted till 2005 and it saw couple of facelifts and even in 1970 they introduced a pick-up version of it. Until 2005 they sold over 2 million of it so we can conclude that is was a rather successful one.

Peykan Pick-up

Peykan Taxi

Under its rather heavy bonnet of this cubic Lego car lied an inline 4-cylinder, 1598 cc engine which delivered hardly around 50 persian horses at 3200 rpm to the rear wheels with about 110 Nm of torque. It 0-100km/h is about the time you sing along the AC/DC's "I'm on a highway to hell" on replay and its top speed is something that nobody know really but it was rumored it can do about 140 km/h if you have a some spare parts on your hand.

Source: https://www.khodrobank.com

Source: https://www.khodrobank.com

Although there was nothing to love about this car but people in Iran took it in like it was one of their family members, took good car of it, traveled all the Iranian roads with it & surprisingly the tiny and tender heart of this steel beast endured all kinds of mountainous, woody, sea side & desert roads of Iran.

A typical Iranian family going on a road trip

Like other parts of the world, car enthusiasts; Iranian enthusiast took this affection far by performing all kinds of aesthetic surgeries on their beloved cars or as they tell you develop its looks and performance to their own taste as you will see in the following pictures.

LOOOOOOK AT THAAAT a scissor door with neon lights all over it, how cool is that?!

Sleeper Peykan Pick-up

Sleeper Peykan Convention

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