A​rt for sale

8w ago


I​t is with much sorrow that I've decided to sell the artwork, shown above, that I created for Episode 6 of the new season of Grand Tour.

T​his has been a difficult decision. For some months, the painting has hung on the wall of my house, the celebrated centrepiece of my collection of 20th century works by British and European artists. But, since art is its own reward, it seems only fair that someone else should enjoy the pleasures of viewing it, as I have the satisfaction of being its creator, and that will always be with me.

T​he work is in the fashionable post-ironic style, and is crap. But the proceeds are going to a worthy cause, obviously. (CALM, details are here www.thecalmzone.net) So a sense of decency, if not a love of fine art, should compel you to bid, in the certain knowledge that I'm being as generous with your money as I am with my talent. The renowned auction house eBaytheby's, founded in 1995, are hosting the sale and expect bidding to be 'brisk'.

Please remember that original artworks are unique pieces, and that this objet is unlikely to appear on the market again for many generations. Here is the link: