Art of drive: an interview with automotive designer Alan Derosier

2y ago


Via fueltank.cc

Please give our readers an introduction to who you are, where you are from, and what you do?

My name is Alan Derosier, I’m 27 years old and from a small town in the Britain countryside of France. I'm a car designer currently working in Shanghai, China, living with a strong passion for vintage aircooled VWs and Porsches.

When did you start drawing and how did your life as an artist/designer begin?

Both of my parents are amazing at drawing (my father is a garden architect and my mother used to paint a lot as a hobby) so I've been growing in a creative atmosphere. I've always been drawing as far as I can remember, my mother often told me about that funny story, when I was two years old, we were drawing with my older brother and he looked at my drawing and said to my mum "Mum, I give up drawing..."

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