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Article: This mod let's you experience Jeremy's "The Excellent" in BeamNG.Drive

Or something rather similar to it anyway.

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I'm sure most of you are familiar with the game BeamNG.Drive. For anyone who isn't, I'll try to sum it up briefly: a soft body physics game you can use as a sandbox for crashing/jumping/racing or just about anything else you can come up with involving cars.

The game has a huge and thriving community surrounding it, some of whom create mods for the game. This means that you can find hundreds of mods which add new maps, scenarios or vehicles. There are also plenty of weird and wonderful mods for the game, and this one certainly fits the bill for that. Enter, "The Exquisite".

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What is it?

It's an ETK I Series saloon car body, slapped onto the mechanical underpinnings of a Gavril D-Series pickup. This means you get a rugged truck frame, a beefy 4.5l V8 and a sleek saloon car body on top of it all. In other words, it's a similar vehicle to the excellent which used Disco running gear and a Mercedes SL body. It really is quite a spectacle to behold, just like "The Excellent" which inspired it's creation. Of course, there is a convertible variant which is the one most similar to Clarkson's creation. The mod also includes a regular fixed roof saloon if that's more your style.

Is it any good?

It's great fun to drive, which is the whole point. So yes, it does what it's supposed to. Being up so high in an I Series interior is a unique experience. It's a proper hoot to drive, and the V8 soundtrack completes the experience.

What else does the mod offer?

As well as the convertible and saloon versions, this mod includes other configurations for this modified ETK/Gavril mashup. These include "The Elevated One" - a variant specially designed for off road use, with a 5.5L V8, and many upgrades to help it perform off road, such as a bull bar, heavy duty suspension, 33inch all terrain tyres, locking differentials. a roof rack, snorkel and more.

There are also custom versions with a sportier flavour, available in both the convertible and saloon body styles. I had issues with these breaking when I loaded them in. Not sure what causes this but it's a only a minor inconvenience.

If you want even more performance, there's a drag configuration with a 6.9L V8, making a claimed 2000bhp and a quarter mile dealt with sub 8 seconds. POWERRRRRRRRRR!

Last but not least, there's a version built specifically for demolition derbys.

Overall, this mod is great, whether you just want to cruise around in a high riding convertible, or drive one of the wacky off road/drag/custom/demo derby versions. There's something for everyone here.

BeamNG.Drive Repository mods featured in this article

- The Exquisite - An ETK I on D-Series guts by "Inn0cent Jok3r"

- European License Plates Compilation by "JorgePinto"

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Shoutout to the BeamNG.Drive modders :D

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