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Some great stuff today!

4w ago

I bought these in a local shop that I never really go to that often, but will definitely call in there more regularly now!


For some reason, many shops near me no longer stock Matchbox, only HotWheels. Tesco is about the only shop near me that has both. So, it was nice when I discovered a few small racks of them in this shop. I picked up the following models:

3 door 2014 Evoque in red, with contrasting black roof,

'76 Honda CVCC finished in yellow

a matte Purple G 550 (picked it up for the colour more than anything)

And a light blue Beetle Cabrio

Moving on to the other two models I picked up today:

Kinsmart 2003 Volkswagen Touareg (1:38) X2

I saw a display box with these in. They weren't boxed individually or anything, just sitting in the display box tray. I found it strange seeing these new in a store, and I'm assuming they are old stock from a warehouse or something.

After seeing how cheap they were (4 quid a pop!) I picked up two, one in silver and one in grey. They had other colours so I will likely pick up more next time I'm there.

I was unsure what scale these were. Thought they may be 1:43, but after some quick googling it turns out they are 1:38. I will be making a review for these soon so keep an eye out for that.

That's all for today, thanks for reading!

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