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Photography & Text: Marcus Hoffmann -|- Model: Alina Preiss -|- Stylist: Anastasia Sedlick -|- Hair & Make Up: Suzan Wusa

Spoiler: This isn’t something totally new. If you’re a fan of good movies, then you’ve seen your share of open top cars cruising through Italy driven by a well-dressed protagonist. Even Hitchcock and James Bond stressed this narrative quite a few times. So, in the spirit of investigative research we set out to find out why this is a thing.

We did choose Porsche and Escada as tools for our studies at Lake Iseo, Italy. Which turned out to be even smarter than we initially considered it to be ‘a good fit’. If you’ve been around in the Italian countryside you gained the experience, that roads are built without special care for their straightness but however it’s the easiest to be fit into the topography. Which means for people driving normal cars: annoying curvy tight B-roads, but for people driving Porsche: an enormous racetrack. When you’re driving in a true sports car with perfect weight distribution bends and curves are very welcomed enjoyable things. This comes naturally for everybody and brings joy even to the inexperienced driver. Hard to believe? Get the Behind The Scenes story of how the youngest women of our production team kept battling the hardest about the driver’s seat. ->

The same goes for the fashionable outfits arranged by our stylist. Being chic in Italy feels just as incredibly appropriated for the occasion as being equipped with a sports car in Italy. Combine both and you get the reason why people who experienced this joyful lifestyle, love to share impressions of it. It depicts a timeless ideal in which someone’s own storytelling can be a part of. There’s a chance to include your personal story in the perfect picture. You can enhance your idea of a spy’s work; you can polish your display of romantic drama – or in our case: exalt the portrayal of strong women who adore motoring.

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