Artificial Intelligence can now Drift with a Supra?

This Toyota Supra can now drift and drive on its own!

5w ago

TRI and Stanford University have joined in a project and created this masterpiece. This is a 2020 Toyota Supra GR which was programmed and modified to drive and drift on its own. TRI and Stanford University say that the technology they are using will eventually help to improve driver assistance tech for the future.

Stanford University's Dynamic Design Lab and Toyota's Research Institute (TRI) also created the self-drifting DeLorean DMC-12 back in 2019. They had already impressed the world with their skills at programming, but why not do it twice?

A​I DeLorean DMC-12 back in late 2019.

A​I DeLorean DMC-12 back in late 2019.

The AI is extremely complicated, as it has to have the exact same reactions as the ones from a real human. "The reality is that every driver has vulnerabilities, and to avoid crash, drivers often need to to make manoeuvres that are beyond their abilities" said chief scientist of the Toyota Motor Corporation, Gill Patt.

T​oyota has not confirmed if their results were anywhere close to make it to production yet, but their research is certainly promising.

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