Artist takes it upon himself to correct the BMW M4

He believes that the massive grille is not the major issue at hand

BMW chief designer Adrian Van Hooydonk must be tired of hearing the same things and reading the same comments about his cars. It's all about the huge grille. Then again I guess that's part of the job and the Dutch designer has developed a standard-issue answer that he often uses. He claims the massive front grille is simply a stylistic choice that works commercially. And he has a point because BMW is doing well, coping with the financial hardships of the present better than most.

The German brand has recently unveiled the all-new M3 and M4 and both cars feature the inevitable grille. Some like it, some don't and most can't do much about it but The Sketch Monkey, a talented designer on YouTube has decided to do something about it by "correcting" the looks of the car(s) with PhotoShop.

At least I think that's Photoshop, I seem to recognize some of the symbols and icons on screen but do feel free to correct me in the comments if I'm wrong.

Anyway, he essentially believes that the sheer size of the grille is not the worst part of the car and he modified the front end of the BMW accordingly. First, he altered the shape of the grille and I personally agree with that choice because I believe that the grille is not ugly because it's big: it's ugly because it's just ugly.

The second thing he did was reposition the number plate, which is another thing that most people will probably appreciate. Now, there are a few places in the world - including some US states - where having a front number plate is not a legal requirement.

Unfortunately, Europe isn't one of those places and the law says you've got to have it on your car. This, of course, is not exactly ideal for car designers but there's nothing they can do and I think the only option you've got to make it look decent is to put the plate on a section of the front bumper that's sterile and specifically designed to accommodate the plate itself. That's the reason why slamming the plate across the grille doesn't look good. That's my two cents.

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