A​rtura or 911 GT3 : Tom's Opinion

A​t face value, late at night, which comes on top?

31w ago

Okay. So, it is currently 12:28 am, 17 February 2021 and I have just finished watching the launch of the new McLaren Artura as well as indulging myself into The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt (not an ad, I wish it was – I’m not getting paid to rant yet). This means I was physically overflowing with automotive-related motivation, and this is my only acceptable outlet. You can read a title, so I won’t riddle you with suspense and we can get to the point faster, if there is one.

So, there has been two unveilings of super/sportscars today, being the Porsche 911 992 GT3 and the McLaren Artura and I thought I’d share my thoughts on these two.

Starting with the Porsche, we have a screaming flat 6, making over 500hp and reaching a redline of 9000rpm, which really does tickle my pickle, if you excuse the expression. They’ve chucked a 6-speed manual into the thing and this allows for a concept that is very unusual in today’s world. Three pedals. It’s a stupid idea really. Let’s make you do more work than you would otherwise need to and give you slower gear changes! Who would want that? I am, of course, joking. I’m not sure how clear that might’ve been, but I just wanted to make sure that we’re all pointing in the same direction now. With plenty of confidence, I would say that I superb gear change is undoubtably one of the most satisfying actions to ever exist. Along with a howling 9000rpm Porsche six-cylinder and their lovely new infotainment gizmos, I would certainly say that this is one of the most desirable cars – in my opinion, obviously – that I have seen. I love the new styling too. Its dramatic, but still clearly a 911.

Moving on to the new Artura and I’m gonna start with a negative, ‘cause why not? I’m not hugely keen on the styling. Yes, it certainly looks nice, but I wasn’t too sure if this was still the mule that was a 570s doppelganger. It doesn’t feel like they’ve changed to much on the styling front, despite the large number of things that were supposedly ‘new’. But don’t worry McLaren, I won’t completely slander your design in front of my few dozen readers, since there is an upside to the look. I think some cars are getting in to the ‘sleeper” sort of façade. Take the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, for example. While not seeming like it’s in the same class as a Cinquecento, it does look as ‘hyper’ as its predecessors, but it doesn't match the performance. You make think differently, but the SF90 looks like it would be F8 Tributo or 488 speed. It lacks the drama of a LaFerrari or an Enzo. The Artura seems similar to that, since its performance seems to exceed what its styling suggests. Moving on to the always essential topic of power, it has 670 of it. And 720nm of torque, giving a top speed of 205mph. One seriously impressive number is the weight, being 1400kg. With a hybrid system mated to its twin-turbo V6, they’ve managed to contact their dieticians, even in Covid times. Unfortunately, no manual. Clearly not every car needs a manual, but it could’ve been an intriguing selling point.

So, the comparison/conclusion. I’ll get to the point: I like 911. Like I said in my previous article, power is not everything (plug). The Porsche has an engaging transmission, along with that redline and the interior, it’s like a new, super-posh S2000. Apologies if that comparison put you off, but it felt right. The McLaren just feels too similar to their past cars, with a 170hp advantage not being able to sway it. This is obvious just face value, since I haven’t driven either - I doubt I will ever be able to – but I do think the Porsche is just a better car. It does tickle the pickle the best.

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  • I’m still not sure which one I would prefer...

      7 months ago