- Driving into wet cement for sure isn't a good idea...

As It Turns Out, Driving Trough Wet Cement won't only Ruin Your Car...

Wether it's pure stupidity or insufficient markings, driving your car into wet cement is never fun. But you won't only have to pay for your Car.

3y ago

Recently, it seems like more and more people are driving their cars into wet cement. First, as reported by Jalopnik in May this year, the driver of a Honda Civic in Lincoln, Nebraska, apparently got confused at the road works he was driving past - the cones seemingly stood so far away from each other that he assumed it would be okay to drive through. As it turned out, it wasn't.

In our second case, reported just recently by Fox 5, a young woman drove her car, a BMW 3-series, into wet cement at a construction site on June 20th. Completely unsuspecting, Eleysia Morris rode her brand new BMW E92 coupé, which she says was a graduation gift, down the road in front of her dad's house, when she got stuck in the wet cement.

Morris herself claims that there were no warning signs or flags that could have alerted her about the wet concrete at the roadworks. According to Fox 5, she tried to avoid a pick-up-truck which was driving towards her and that was why she drove into the concrete.

The county responsible for the roadworks on the other hand disputes Morris' allegations and states that there had indeed a proper traffic signal system, including cones and barricades, been installed and that Morris herself would be liable for all damages.

As it turned out with the above mentioned case of the Honda driver, Morris might have to dig deep into her own pockets if she's unlucky: In fact, the Honda driver had to pay the city 10.000 US-Dollar in expenses for the repair and the delay in construction he caused...

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  • I drove my car (a new model BMW) through unmarked concrete , at night. I was ready to shell out more than a few bucks to have it detailed. Fortunately, I found an excellent YouTube video that illustrated how to remove dried-on concrete from any car , using white vinegar, paper towels and elbow grease.. It takes time, but Worked like a champ.

      2 years ago