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As someone who has had a hiatus from motorcycle fandom I have now reached a point where I'm thinking about it again.

I'm currently 21 (in the UK) and looking to do my car license first so I can get into the police, then I'm thinking to either:

Wait till I'm 24 do my full license and buy an "a2 bike" or whatever I can insure for a little while to get my no claims so I dont pay £10k a year insurance for my dream bike (BMW RnineT).


Do my A2 before being 24 and see where that takes me.

I'd love to see what everyone thinks of this and id like to see their insight, also I'm poor atm so no idea if any of this will ever come into fruition 🤣 just a way to keep me feeling positive about the future.

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  • If you join the police they might help you get onto bikes if it could be part of your role. Getting a small bike for now and gaining good road sense and experience will help with that, and won't need to worry about breaking the bank.

    Old Jap bikes with small capacity engines are usually cheap and reliable, parts are available, and even your nan could probably fix one.

    Totally understand the desire and pull to jump as far ahead as you can, but as you said, insurance might be a pain. But, I'm sure many will agree that our first bikes usually felt really fast back when we started 😁

      2 months ago
    • Unfortunately the police don't help people get their licenses because of budget cuts and I imagine they cottoned on that people were joining the police to get their licence for free and then leaving

        2 months ago
    • Damn, that sucks! Well, go with your gut. That's what I usually do at least 😅

        2 months ago