Design, Vintage autos and why we love it all

A colleague and a good friend (Nick Caron) and myself came together to start something that reflects our passion for motorsport and design. We started Ästhetik. For some of us there is an unexplainable desire to design, modify, race or restore automobiles. We are bound by a love and respect for these machines and by the feelings they evoke in us. While modern cars push the boundaries of engineering, they owe their success, both as brands and in design, to the models produced before them.

Every generation evolves and raises the bar from what was experienced by its predecessors. What was once state-of-the-art slowly fades in time and becomes a classic. Within these vintage autos, heritage is preserved. It is important to respect and understand all that went into those cars, to record and save that history. While time travel is not possible at the moment, that’s not to say we can’t infuse a little of our current time into these machines from the past.

Our Ästhetik.

BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo and many others produced beautiful cars both inside and out and yet there were always individuals like us, fellow petrolheads, that had to interfere and disrupt. At Ästhetik, we seek to infuse modern design with the ethos of vintage motoring by tapping into our own passion and skills.

Speaking on design, Ferdinand Porsche put it quite well: “Now we have new materials and we have the possibility to redesign a classic object to give it new shape. That is a challenge. There are still a lot of possibilities to improve design.”

It is indeed a challenge and there is nothing like a good challenge. We are excited to show you what we are working on and we hope to share our passion, design and Ästhetik. www.auto-asthetik.com

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