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Aston Martian: Cars for Mars

Some extraterrestrial engineering, anyone?

26w ago


We are going to Mars. This is inevitable. We are the multi-planetary species.

On arriving at the Red Planet, we will definitely need to move around. We will need vehicles capable of transporting us between underground cities and cruising through rough terrains. This video explains what kind of vehicles we will need and why Aston Martin should design such vehicles.


This video speaks about the harsh environment of Mars and challenges of colonisation. It discusses gravity, terrain, atmosphere, and other Martian conditions. It speculates about how to extract resources from the planet's crust, how to process technical hemp, as well as how to build transport infrastructure.

Mars can become the driver's heaven for hill-climbers, bikers, and drag-racers. It hosts the highest planetary mountain in the Solar system (Olympus Mons) and longest canyon (Valles Marineris). These and other landscapes tempt with unique driving experiences.

This video is a popular science author-narrated story about space exploration, Mars colonisation, and interplanetary infrastructure. The original story was published in 2019 and may contain some outdated data. The video is full of curious insights, interesting facts, science trivia, and futurist spectulations.

Also, I ask for your forgiveness and understanding each time I mispronounce names, terms, and other tricky words.

This story is one of many from my "Advanced Academic Driving" book. Consider having a look:


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