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Aston Martin Allegedly Developing A Straight-Six to Replace AMG V8s

Aston Martin's partnership with Mercedes-AMG may not last much longer

2y ago

Aston Martin has ben using Mercedes-AMG's 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engines in two models in their lineup, the Vantage and the DB11 V8. This partnership helped out Aston Martin as they didn't have to spent millions of dollars in research and development of a new V8 engine that will be both lighter and more effiecient that Aston's iconic V12 motors. Although this might not have affected either of the manufacturers, according to a new report by Autocar, this partnership may not last any longer.

To replace the powerful AMG engine, Aston Martin is allegedly Developing a hybrid powerplant with a straight six combustion engine developed in-house. The new powerplant is to be part of the Rapide E program, which combats increasingly strenuous emissions regulations around the world.

However, the partnership that took place back in 2013 is still likely to live on for a couple of year until Aston Martin decides that they've had enough of the German blood in thier veins. The Daimler sourced engines will likely start phasing out as they uncover the hybrid engine around 2020.

Now you are probably thinking, how would this affect the upcoming Aston Martin SUV, well here are the DBX's plans as we know them: They will be initially available with Aston's V12, followed by the AMG V8 before the hybrid variant joins the line-up early in the next decade.

In the plus side non-V12 Aston Martins will not sound like Mercedes', but who knows how that straight-six will sound...

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Comments (28)

  • Errrr, why has no one mentioned the clear and obvious here? Mercedes just spent millions on a mild hybrid straight 6 that many reviewers are saying is better than BMW’s.


      2 years ago
    • But this time it won't be sourced from Mercedes it will be built in-house from ground up. The question is will it be as good as that growling AMG V8?

        2 years ago
  • Aston would win if this: Cosworth-fettled 4L v8 for the “big daddies”, the Unobtaniun Cosworth V12 for AMR/Valk/etc ($1M+), a choice of (premium) EV or this (base) hybrid, atmo straight 6 with manuals/DCT’s for the main 2/4-door cars (may even beat 911’s and Benz GT’s if done well), and the 250hp cosworth 3-cyl (Valk Proof of Concept) in 3-door hatchbacks with only manual trans for the entry level.

    Then maybe consider hiring Max V from Mercedes.

    Done. Kinght them, buy what you can afford, and lord the greatness over your neighbor’s equivalent porsche/ferrari/benz.

      2 years ago
  • a straight 6. no problem. possibly bringing back an iconic sound that rarely is heard these days. again,not a problem. lets not see the plastic manifolds and engine covers as is the practice these days. metal would be nice for a change.

      2 years ago
    • Came here to post love for the idea but hate for turbos (unless some sort of “edition”), plastic, and a messy bay. Love to see a new car with a bay to rival the E-type! And if manual? I’m buying, even if the interior is backwards.

        2 years ago
  • The problem with the tie-up isn’t the engines, in fact that’s the good part. The issue is with the interiors, which are half S-Class.

      2 years ago
    • Yeah Aston uses infotainment screens from mercs too. But without that system I think AM would have been screwed!

        2 years ago
  • Boooooooooooo

      2 years ago