- Project Neptune - Aston Martin and Triton Submarine's submersible project

Aston Martin Are Making A Submarine!

1y ago


British luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin have decided to diversify their production into something other than automobiles. The company has collaborated with submersible manufacturer, Triton Submarines to bring us this, Project Neptune.

Aston Martin unveiled their upcoming project at the Monaco Yacht Show

Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, Aston Martin will have a design input on the project, using Triton's expertise in the submersible market to make Neptune a reality. Reports suggest the submarine will be based on Triton's 1650/3 LP model, a 3 person submarine that will take it's occupants 500 meters below the surface. The current model costs $3.3 million, but you can expect that the Aston Martin variant will cost more than this!

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  • Looks more like a stylised cloths iron.

    1 year ago


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