ASton MArtin DB11

ASton's latest grand tourer, with SUPER CAR rivalling performance

4y ago

The DB11 is Aston Martin's latest flagship grand-tourer, replacing the ageing DB9 (The DB10 was a limited run special edition) this is the first of Aston's "Second Century" Cars, it includes updated styling and an all-new engine. It's still a V12, however, this time around it's assisted by two turbochargers, giving the car 600BHP.

It's no Slough either, 0-60 is over and done with in under four seconds, and it'll keep going til it gets to 200mph. However this car was not made for that, it was made for cruising around mountain roads at half speed, not attacking every corner as fast as possible. At Β£153.000 the DB11 doesn't come in cheap, but Aston Martin is a luxury brand, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a rival that's just as desirable.

Aston Martin's are some of the most beautiful cars in the world, and the DB11 is no exception, it's a whole new design for Aston, and it definitely works, making this in my opinion at least, the best looking Aston Martin ever. The interior gets a new overhaul too, with a screen for the infotainment system above all the usual controls your find for climate control and audio levels, everything's laid out in a logical manner and looks stunning. The options for customisation are good too, Aston Martin has created a whole new visual configuration for the new car, allowing customers to make their car exactly how they want it.

The first of Aston Martin's new batch of cars certainly makes me excited to see what else they've got planned, but whatever it is, they've given themselves a big challenge to top the DB11.

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