Aston Martin DBX: My friend's opinion

Let's just say I think he's on something...

38w ago

So my non-petrolhead friend is something else as you will see in a future post. He is a bit crazy and probably on drugs 90% of the time but hey he gives fun responses so what the heck.

So I asked him his opinion on the DBX and this was his first answer, "Not enough wheels." I immediately questioned him and said, "Isn't four enough?"

He responded, "I need at least 6 wheels." Now I'm thinking he's on to something like a 6x6 but that wouldn't work for this car. He kept arguing, "That bitch needs to be 6/8 of an octopus!"

At this point, I think he's being stupid and he says, "Vroom vroom goes the car said the bitch!"

Anyways thanks to Kimi M for letting me do this because it was her idea and to Pug In A Rug for the car idea!

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